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Not good news

  It's good being home even though we were only gone for the night. Sure seem like alot longer. Every ones glad were home. From what Emil said Breezy actually snubbed him. I guess she went outside and when she didn't come back in Emil went looking for her. He found her in her crate in the garage. When he asked if she wanted to come back inside, she got up and turned her back to him and layed down. Like "talk to the butt". You just wonder what goes through their heads.
   We heard this week that it is not got news for Lindsay's mom. It apeares that it is cancer and that it is the worst. They aren't  sure just how long she has. Lindsay is staying with her. They will be going to her mom's home in New Mexico this coming Thursday. I feel helpless, just wish there was more I could do. 
   With Roo gone Dorr is trying to be more friendly almost cuddly. Well as cuddlly as she can be. I took a quick nap today and she joined me. She almost liked being under the covers. as long as I held them up so she could see an escape route. We'll see if she is coming out of her shell. It's only taken 3 years.

We're Back

   We are back from San Diego and had an uneventful trip. It meant alot to daddy that Bob came home for his mom's funeral. I think it also meant alot to his sisters. I got to meet his sister Nita and his sister Joanny didn't remember meeting me which was ok. Her kids have sure grown. The service was very nice and short. Bob was asked to do the euolgy and he did a nice job, considering he had about a half hour notice. 
   We had stayed in Solono Beach at Marrott's. We went to the Naked Chef for breakfast. They do all organic food and it was wonderful. I had pancakes with almonds, oats, raisens and strawberry's and bob had potatoes with black beans, jalapenos, salsa eggs on top with avocados and sour cream.
   the kitties and Breezy were glad we were home. Hopefully things can get back to normal. We're back


  Well this was a better week. Still getting used to Guy and Roo being gone. It's very hard. We got their little urns back and it's good to have them home. I put Roo in my room with the girls. I think it's fitting, and Guy is in with me and Breezy. Bob could care less as long as Roo stays well away from. I think he's convinced that Roo will haunt him. Who Knows.
   His mom's funeral is Tuesday and we will be driving down to SD tomorrow and well come home on Tuesday after the service. His dad sounds ok but hes been taking care of mother for the lst 20 years, I'm sure he feels very lost.
   I'm still in the spring cleaning mode. Last night I got the ledge that goes around the kitchen. Sad to say don't think it had been cleaned in a while. The kitchen witch that my friend Sue brought back from Germany was a bit fuzzy. And I am still working on cleaning out all the crap that I backed and put in the garage when we put new carpet in that room. I can't believe I bought all that stuff. What was I thinking. Now my room is so clean I don't want to mess it up. We'll see how long that works. 
   Well off to Trader Joes to get stuff for dinner. Friend Kathy from K2 is coming for dinner. Shes also taking all my broken china. we are going to mosaic her sun-room. Can't wait to work on that project.
fingerless gloves on the needles

Bad start to a New Year

   I know it's been awhile scene my last post, lots has been going on here and not much good. I'll try to make it short. My dear friend Lindsay has 60 beautiful acres where she was building a yurt. She started right after Thanksgiving and was going great guns. She had a wonderful Christmas there between her little camper and her yurt. New Years started good, then we had a horrible storm with 80 mph winds. Pacific yurt, who Lindsay bought the yurt from said that it would stand up to 95 mph winds well it didn't. The whole top came off which lead to the frame being twisted and it went down hill from there. So she came here to regroup, recover and to see what Pacific Yurt would do to help. Which has been VERY little. 
   At this time we got new carpet in 75% of the house. That meant clearing out the spare room, my sewing room (the worst), and our bedroom,retreat. We now have 4 dogs my 3 inside kitties and Guy the outside/inside kittie, Us two and Lindsay and another friend of ours sleeping on the couch. We got the first two rooms done and it went well so we started moving things into the living room and got the spare room (lindsay's room) done. Then we figured we might as well pain everything as all of the furniture was out. So Lindsay and I did the hall and my room. Had to do the master bed room/retreat after they put the carpet in due to timing. In the middle of all of this my oldest kitty Roo, 14, passed away on Wed the 23d mostly from old age. that was hard but on Sunday Guy was killed by a car in the early am. I was devastated. NOT NOT fair. Roo had a good long life,Guy was to have a good long life. He was not to be taken.
   I have a very good friend who has the gift of sight and she has been some comfort with why he went but I still don't like it and I want him back.
   Lindsay left Monday with her puppies for Phoenix because she found out her Mom has a tumor in the ovaries that is most likely cancer. She left little snuffy her kitty with me while she's with her mom. Her surgery is tomorrow. God I hope all goes well.
   Then we found out last week that they had hospice come in to care for bobs mom and she passed yesterday. I CRY UNCLE. ENOUGH!!! 
   I just want to start this year over.

1st Cold

  Why is it that when you get a cold you become miserable? Well at least I do. What I thought was post nasal drip sore throat became the real thing attached to a cold. I've been asking my self why did I get this and i think that I worked myself up to. 
  After such a nice day last Thursday I some how knew it wasn't going to last and Saturday all of the animals decided that they were going to have a say. Every one, except the babies, either pucked or peed and at midnight when I was on my way to bed, Guy decide that he was going to pee on my beautiful down comforter. Well I tried to stuff it into the washing machine, because if it's not nailed down I'll wash it, and made a pretty big mess. Because it was so late I took it and put it into the bath tub to be del ted with later. Sunday I took the day off, but come Monday I had to address to problem. It was beginning to smell. 
  i decided to try and wash it in the tub. Well it worked out really well outside of me getting really wet. I got it back into my washer and ran it through the spinn a few times and it was pretty dry. Then I took it down to the laundry matt and dried it in one of the big dryers. It is so nice and clean now that I guess I have Guy to thank for my clean comforter. So may be thats how I got a cold? Who knows. Better this week as next. Thanksgiving and all.   
  We have our Willy bird on order. Can't waite. More about Willy later. 
  Well time for more airborne.

The Great Escape

   Yesterday as a whole was quite nice. I got to sleep in as it was my husband's day off and that's what we do on a day off.  Got to go to lunch and we even took the puppy with us. She was a very good girl and slepted in the car while we ate. Came home put everything away even had time for a cup of tea before I went to the Chriopract. office and then to knitting. Like I said all in all a very good day.
   Then I came home.  The house was in one piece, which is always in question when I leave my husband and the dog and the three cats( two of which were born in the year of the Monkey) alone. It's only been resently that I have been aware of issues I have with control. Who would have guessed? Anyway we had planned to start watching Farscape from the start , cause my husband hasn't seen it all. I was going to fix hot coco. But first I checked on the babies in the garage. Well they had made a mess in their cage and I went to clean it out. I took the tray out to clean and then lifted the whole thing, kitties as well over. I didn't realise that they are still small enough to fall through the bottom of the cage. One stayed in, the other made the mad dash to freedom. 
  Now what do I do? There are alot of places to hide in my garage.I went and told hubby that coco would be a bit late. Thought for abit and after several unsuccessful atemps it was the Sardines and sister eating the sardines that finely worked. With the kitties all rounded up and but to bed I was finely able to drink coco and watch Farscape.
  After one episode hubby went to sleep and I got to watch another one with Guy( the outside kitty). A very good day indeed. 
  As you can tell I'm abit overrun with kitties now. I'm convinced that the babies will find a wonderful home by the end othe the month.  

What's on the needles?
  A kitty bed that's going to be felted and the second Saturday sock


Long time away

    It's been a very long time between posts and as life has gone on here are afew of the high points.
  Guy joined family as official outside kitty (he loves Breezy)
   May Las Vages for food festival
  June gall bladder removed
  Husband got extension to work one more year Yippeeee
  Nov. found 2 kittens in car saved them and am seeking homes for them 
  Nov. Farscape con

 That is all I can remember for now but I'm sure there was far more that went on. This last weekend went to a Farscape Con with my friend from So California and we had alot of fun. Every time I go to a con, which isn't that much these days I forget how much fun they are. Brings back found memories of th Blake 7 days. Ah the anticipation of a Scorpio Con and Paul Darrow. That's where I first saw "The Most Gourgeous Man on the Face of the Earth" Michael Praed. And it still holds true.
 Oh I could go on for days. He's just so nice to look at. I think I will leave it for now as I can't think of anything to add. Nice to be back

The Big Day

  Today is the day that my husbands super computer is being delivered and set up. I keep this one and move into my studio, or the "Girls" room. To digress just a bit, when I got the girls as baby's I made the very smart move to but them in their our room at night. During the day, when the were baby's they broke sooo many of my things that it made me realise what it was like to have Kittens, and to never do it again. Now that they will be 3, they have gotten better but I still don't trust them out on their own at night. I mean when I came home from knitting one night, they had hauled a huge ham bone,(which was thawing out for beans), from the sink and had made it down the hall and almost to their room to devour in private. So anyway now I will be in the girls room and free to add whatever I want to the computer. 
  Over the week end we had our third solstice knit out here and it was a wonderful time. Fab food and even better company.Most of the Lost Girls showed up and those that weren't able to make were here in spirit. Our poor K2 lost her computer on Friday and has been working very hard to restore all of her files. We need to do the Tesla Chant for her. 
  Off for now to fold cloths, lucky me.

Up to late

 Very fun Spring Solstice last night. The food and company at knitting was wonderful. We had so much fun. 
 Came home and started working on a new goddess bag and watching Charmed "witch" I got from Yardley. Once you get pasted the ASpelling t&a of it all it's not to bad. It started to get good with the charmed ones finding out that the da is a demon so I had to keep watching to find out what happened and next thing I knew it was 1:30 am. You know I really enjoy the great universe's sense of humor. Here I'm thinking that I can sleep in and what happens a dear friend calls at 9 am with really neet info to share and now I feel like I need a nap. Oh well 
  Have to go get kitty food and beads for my new meditation shawl and then a nap.

Laundry Night

  I know without a shadow of a doubt that I was a Irish laundry skivy in another life. How can two people, three cats and one dog create such mounds and mounds of dirty cloths? It's never ending. 
  Besides that we had a fab St. Pattys Day dinner and the soda bread was a big hit. Instead of drinking our Guinness I cooked the corned beef in it. Turned out great I'm told. Don't eat the stuff myself. I like the tatters. 
  Oh the dryer buzzer just went off to fold.



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