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Husband retired

  What more can I say. It has not been as bad as I first thought it would be. He's been home a week so far and he's still alive. I have had to fill him in on what we have done for the past 9 years in the mornings; such as no TV until the paper is read. I like it quiet in the am right after I've gotten up so he's been very good with that. Until today when he went off on some article he read in the paper. He was off to email Diane Finestein(sp) and h's still on a tear. As most of my friends know I can now use this to wind him up when I want a good laugh. Just like the Commies. He's been trying to stay out of my was during the day and as I haven't felt like doing anything anyway it hasn't mattered. It's a total adjustment for me as my day has really changed. Oh well  this to shall pass.
  Looks like he'll take a job at Castle Air Strip (used to be Castle Air Force Base) in Atwater. 
  Starting to get tomato's and they are so sweet. The cherrys are wonderful. And with this week of very hot weather it should really get things ripening. 
  Painted the kitchen last week and now have decied to paint the upper rim above the cabinets. Lived with it for a week and think it really needs to be done. It's pumpkin and it is so yummy I can hardly stand it. I love the color. 
  Kitties are all well and causing the usal havoc.  


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Jul. 8th, 2008 10:33 pm (UTC)
A pumpkin kitchen! Sounds lovely. But I gotta ask, is this the third or the forth time you've painted it. Mom and I were trying to decide what colors it's been. We've seen yellow...but what were the others?

I was talking to Bunny last weekend and asked if you'd made it down there yet. Oops! I guess you didn't find good air fares then.

So what the hell did Feinstein (sp?) do? Mom and I are pretty much doom and gloom when it comes to the future of the US and the world. :(

Glad to hear Retire!husband is mostly working out. *g* Hang in there!
Jul. 9th, 2008 06:47 pm (UTC)
Your right I think it's been at least 3 colors, some didn't even make it a whole day. You know "Oh I think it would look great" paint one side looks like crap than pain over it as soon as it drys. I hope it will be this color for a while. You me get board, paint.
We were going to go see Bunny but Terry has run out of moneu so I took what we would have spent to see Bunny and gave it to him. I'm hoping he'll sell that place and get his own place. But I need to call her.
It wasn't Feinstein who did anything it was Bao wanted her to look into something having to do with Animal right people in Berkley camping out in frount of researchers houses. He totaly wnt off.
Is really hot down your wa. Haven't been outside in 2 days. Just to water my tomatoes.
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