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St. Patty's Day

  What a grand day. It's really nice to have things starting to get back to normal. Dick and Marilyn came for dinner. It's tradition. Either we go to them or they come to us. I did cornbeef and all the fixings. This year I tried a new way of fixing soda bread and I think I like my old recipe. Next time I won't add wheat flour. Oh well live and learn, so much for trying to be more healthy.
  Lindsay's still in New Mexico with her mom. She has good days and bad. As does Lindsay. It has to be incredibly hard to watch some one you love pass away before you. They say it's not going to be very long.  
  Bob's on the retirement count down. Only 3 more months. Then what am I going to do? After all of these years with him working nights I'm going to have to change. No more cleaning the bath rooms at 10pm. Oh well it will be nice to finely have the bed made during the day. 
  I'm going to Kathy's (K2) to work on the mosaic tomorrow. We're plugging right along. I'm working on the portrait of Guy. It's turning out really good. I'll post photos
 I'm making all kinds of mistakes so I'd best go to bed. More later.


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Mar. 21st, 2008 11:12 pm (UTC)
I made soda bread too, to take to work. It came out too dry I think, as most things do bread related I seem to find. Plus, I had to make it the day before. Not a good idea with soda bread! I couldn't find cake flour in my local store, which one recipe said to use, and like you, I used wheat flour.Now, I've found cake flour of course!
I was going to make hot cross buns, as the ones in the store are so...wrong, but the same thing applies about dryness. I have to make them today, for work tomorrow, so I'm not going to. Instead, I'm going to make the mix for some 'lemon drops', cookies from Nigella lawson's book.Then, I can bake them Saturday night ready for Easter. How cunning is that! They look like little fried eggs, and I'm going to put small chicks on the plate as well.(toys not real ones!)
I haven't talked to you in so long, and I'm glad you're keeping your lj up. I don't update mine either, so don't feel bad! If you're free at the end of April let me know, as I've been thinking of doing a needlework store road trip up in your neck of the woods. Plus, beads and any other cute stuff.
Mar. 22nd, 2008 07:23 am (UTC)
Hi you,
Oh the horrors of baking. I should have stuck to my recipe for soda bread. Oh well. I'm making Bunny scones for Easter Sunday and they always turn out. I'm throwing blackberrys in these. I've never made hotcross buns in fact I don't think I've ever had one but they always look so good I've just never tried then. I don't need any more baked good addictions.
I'm still kitting up a storm. They just opened a new bead store in Tracy and there is a cross stitch store there as well. I'm going to be gone the weekend of the 26th April but any other time I'd love to have you. Just let me know.
Happy Easter
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