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How to say Goodbye?

  Two weeks ago I lost a very dear friend to a massive heart attack. It was very unexpected and we are all in a state of shock. My friend was Kathy Kindred (K2), my "Cosmic Twin" as we called our selves. You see we were both born on the 12th of August. Tough she liked to say that I was the oldest.
  I met Kathy almost 4 years ago when I walked into her shop to learn to knit. My mother had taught me when I was 14 but I had forgotten and I wanted to start up again. Little did I know that I was to meet one of my dearest friends or that I was to a kindred soul in the Arts. A year ago Kathy bought the most charming house at the River Club. It has a Fairy bathroom. We were in the process of mosaicing(sp?) her enrty. It was really turning out great. We had so many plans and now she has gone on ahead of us. That's whats hard, knowing that we now have to do it ourselves. Without our teach and Mentor.
  Kathy, I will truely miss you and Friday nights won't be the same. I found myself going to call you when the new Onion Soup recipe turned out wonderful, but instead you called me. 
  And at the same time it is a year to the day that my Guy man passed out of this world. Words can't express the sadness that I still feel daily at his passing. My heart has been broken and it still hasn't even gotten close to being mended. How can a black furry kitty touch my soul so profoundly? I was to be at Kathy's tonight to help me with this anniversary, but she had other plans. And Bob, bless his heart, just looks at me and says "I'm sorry, do you want a hug"? One day both of these passings I hope will be easier to bear. But not today.
  I miss you both.


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Jan. 28th, 2009 12:42 am (UTC)
I'm So Sorry
Oh, Dearest One...
Words can not express the sorrow that I know that you are feeling. I was so looking forward to coming in early during my April visit so that I could join the Friday night circle; Kathy was a very special person.
Consider this a cyberhug. :+<=( )
Love and Kisses,
Jan. 30th, 2009 11:39 pm (UTC)

It's wonderful that a whim to learn to knit enabled you to find such a good friend. You enriched each other's lives and shared many smiles. I know how hard it is now and wish I could be there for you.

Also, when you connect to another being, it doesn't matter that they might be furry and non-verbal. It's a very special joy. I think he knows how much you miss him.

With much love,


Edited at 2009-01-30 11:44 pm (UTC)
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