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Tomatos are in

  Well last night Lindsay and I planted all of my tomato's. I went abit over bord and planted 8 plants. All different kinds. We even planted a pepper for bob. It was kind of a job to find places in the sun for them as the yard has exploded. All the roses are really happy and have gone wild. It looks like the Engilsh garden I wanted. Last  year I planted Naked Ladys and I'm hoping that they will come up. My friend Sue has them in here yard and they always look so neat. 
  Lindsay has been here for a few weeks. She lost her mom to cancer. Thankfully she was ready to go (her mom) and was very spiritual about it. She went quickly and Lindsay said it wasn't too bad. She went down to New Mexico to care for her and was able to be with her throught out it all. Her mom Ann who I was fortunate to meet was loved my meny meny people and touched even more. She was a very trippy lady. Lindsay is doing well and is off to New Zealand in a few weeks to see about a job. 
  Bob is set to retire and he's having some shaky moments. After working for 32 years it must be scary. I remember when I stoped working. It was hard to get used to it. But for me it didn't  take long. He's looking into doing some work overseas for a year or so. But we'll see. Breezy would miss him.
  We have a new kitty. Snuffy. Well she is actually Lindsays kitty but I get to keep her. She is a hoot. She's black and white and has white whiskers and for this house that's quite a change. She fits right in and gives as good as she gets. The girls have gotten used to her and she and Fogg are fast friends, Poor Dorr has been so traumatized by Lindsays dogs ( who are very well behaved) that we only see her at night after every one has gone to bed. Lindsay is moving to her camper today so Dorr will have the house back.

whats on the needles: catnip kitty toys for a Ravelry swap


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May. 3rd, 2008 05:20 am (UTC)
A new kitty! How cool. Is she affectionate? Does Bob tolerate her? How old is she?
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