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All went Well

 We had 2 boys and 1 girl. Everything went very well with fixing the babys. Lil Stripey is a boy (I thought she was a she) and no surprise with the babies. Though stripey was younger than I thought. Brought them home and had to go get another large wire cage to keep them comfy. Lon brought over their warming pads and all the baby's had warm tummy's. It was suggested that they should not be released for 24 hours as their body temps were off due to surgery. So we've decided to hold onto the babies till Sunday to see if we can get Dottie. She has been hanging around for her babies so maybe, fingers crossed we'll get her and she can recoup with her babies. Keep fingers crossed.
 Lil Stripey Man got out today, not really planed but it worked out ok. Was holding him and petting him ( he was purring and drooling) when he just bolted and hid in my horrible garage so I felt that there was no way to get him back in the cage that I should just open the garage door and let him go. He was hiding under shelf in the garage and when he saw the outside he took off. I tell myself we can only do what we can do. And at least now he won't be fighting over any girl kitties and maybe he'll come around for pats.
  Well time to feed the residents

Cats, Cats and hopefuly No More Cats

 A new year and once again another try at journaling. Hopefuly it will be better and I'll really work at doing it more often.
 For Christmas this year my friends Brent and Lon from across the street gave me a cat trap. With the hope of catching our growing feral kittie population. I found a great place in Stockton to fix them (without costing a fortune) and tonight we started. I really wanted to get Dottie. She's the baby maker in the neighborhood and she has two babys that are about 9 weeks or so old. The first one I got was ( I think) the little stripey one that sits on the window ledge outside and plays with Fog. I think she was from Dotties litter before this last one. I still had the big trap set up but chaged the food to a smelly turkey. As I was setting that one up again I saw another stripey kitty so I hope I've got the right one. If I don't oh well, they all need to be fixed. When I went to see how this one went I was so suprised, I had Both of the babies in the one big trap. Still no Dottie, ran out of traps. Maybe I'll try tomorrow night and use the babies a bate for Dottie.
 Well 6 am comes too early for me and as you all know I don't do mornings but Lon will go with me and he dosen't do am's either. We should make a good team. I'd make Bob go but he's had to work 6 day weeks for the past month and a half so I just couldn't do that.

Jam, Jam and more Jam

 I really need to learn moderation. I have gotten my Jam Mojo back and I can't be stoped. Well Thursday I did 3 batches of strawberry, one batch of blackberry and one batch of raspberry. My neighbors apricot tree is in Full fruit and Lon wanted to know how to can apricot jam, so that's what we did today. Three batches for him, one for me and a apricot cobbler in the oven later. I'm pooped. And their tree is still full. I think we'll be taking the fruit down to food bank on Monday. Then next thing hubby wants are some pickles. WE'll see. I need a nap.
 On other news Snuffy has made a full recovery except for her hair, but that's growing back. Spot of tea sent the cutest card and she was right on the mark. 
 Time tio pull the cobbler out.

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I want more rain

  We got abit of rain today but we really need tons more. I have a whole stack of books that I'm waiting to read on a rainy day and so far not much rain,so not much reading. Reading for enjoyment reading I mean.
  Hubby's back to work only had one day off so that leave just me and the "Girls". Breezy as always is good and Snuffy is working at it and I count myself lucky that the "Girl" girls haven't  thrown up today. So all in all a good day.
  Still getting used to Kathy being gone and not here to talk to and check to see if I'm nuts or not. She was always good at that. Still trying to find something to knit. I've started making more felted mice for the shelter. We were up there yesterday dropping off more food and this time I went in and played with the kitties. Bob waited and wanted to have me scearched to make sure I hadn't snuck something out. It's a small shelter and they are a "No Kill" shelter. I need to do more so that's what I'll be working on for now. Kitty beds are next. and If the "Girls" don't watch it Bob will be dropping them off next..

Lady Dorr

How to say Goodbye?

  Two weeks ago I lost a very dear friend to a massive heart attack. It was very unexpected and we are all in a state of shock. My friend was Kathy Kindred (K2), my "Cosmic Twin" as we called our selves. You see we were both born on the 12th of August. Tough she liked to say that I was the oldest.
  I met Kathy almost 4 years ago when I walked into her shop to learn to knit. My mother had taught me when I was 14 but I had forgotten and I wanted to start up again. Little did I know that I was to meet one of my dearest friends or that I was to a kindred soul in the Arts. A year ago Kathy bought the most charming house at the River Club. It has a Fairy bathroom. We were in the process of mosaicing(sp?) her enrty. It was really turning out great. We had so many plans and now she has gone on ahead of us. That's whats hard, knowing that we now have to do it ourselves. Without our teach and Mentor.
  Kathy, I will truely miss you and Friday nights won't be the same. I found myself going to call you when the new Onion Soup recipe turned out wonderful, but instead you called me. 
  And at the same time it is a year to the day that my Guy man passed out of this world. Words can't express the sadness that I still feel daily at his passing. My heart has been broken and it still hasn't even gotten close to being mended. How can a black furry kitty touch my soul so profoundly? I was to be at Kathy's tonight to help me with this anniversary, but she had other plans. And Bob, bless his heart, just looks at me and says "I'm sorry, do you want a hug"? One day both of these passings I hope will be easier to bear. But not today.
  I miss you both.

Back to Work

 Well after a month off hubby is back to work Now after 36 years with the FAA he's working for a private company at Castle Tower. It used to be an Air Force tower and now its private and it's a training airport for foregin pilots. the oversea's job offer came a few hours after he accepted the job at Castle. Its an hour drive but a straight shot down 99. He seems tobe ok with it. All regular hours no mids. Right now he's working 9 to 5. It's nice to have the house to my self again. It just lets me know that I have al ot of work to do for when he really retires. I need more patience and understanding. Well I have a couple of years to work on that.
 Last weekend my friend Cathey (tatoo Cathey there are so meny Catheys) and I went to LambTown USA in Dixon. What a very nice festival. It was all about lamb. wool. spinning, dog triles and shearing. Just alot of fun. the weather was brillant,not to hot. Didn't go crazy buying rovings as I am still trying to get the hang of spinning. Just a great time. 
  Went and saw Batman, boy what a dark movie that was. Can't waite for the Mummy movie and I think I'll try to see X files.

Husband retired

  What more can I say. It has not been as bad as I first thought it would be. He's been home a week so far and he's still alive. I have had to fill him in on what we have done for the past 9 years in the mornings; such as no TV until the paper is read. I like it quiet in the am right after I've gotten up so he's been very good with that. Until today when he went off on some article he read in the paper. He was off to email Diane Finestein(sp) and h's still on a tear. As most of my friends know I can now use this to wind him up when I want a good laugh. Just like the Commies. He's been trying to stay out of my was during the day and as I haven't felt like doing anything anyway it hasn't mattered. It's a total adjustment for me as my day has really changed. Oh well  this to shall pass.
  Looks like he'll take a job at Castle Air Strip (used to be Castle Air Force Base) in Atwater. 
  Starting to get tomato's and they are so sweet. The cherrys are wonderful. And with this week of very hot weather it should really get things ripening. 
  Painted the kitchen last week and now have decied to paint the upper rim above the cabinets. Lived with it for a week and think it really needs to be done. It's pumpkin and it is so yummy I can hardly stand it. I love the color. 
  Kitties are all well and causing the usal havoc.  

Tomatos are in

  Well last night Lindsay and I planted all of my tomato's. I went abit over bord and planted 8 plants. All different kinds. We even planted a pepper for bob. It was kind of a job to find places in the sun for them as the yard has exploded. All the roses are really happy and have gone wild. It looks like the Engilsh garden I wanted. Last  year I planted Naked Ladys and I'm hoping that they will come up. My friend Sue has them in here yard and they always look so neat. 
  Lindsay has been here for a few weeks. She lost her mom to cancer. Thankfully she was ready to go (her mom) and was very spiritual about it. She went quickly and Lindsay said it wasn't too bad. She went down to New Mexico to care for her and was able to be with her throught out it all. Her mom Ann who I was fortunate to meet was loved my meny meny people and touched even more. She was a very trippy lady. Lindsay is doing well and is off to New Zealand in a few weeks to see about a job. 
  Bob is set to retire and he's having some shaky moments. After working for 32 years it must be scary. I remember when I stoped working. It was hard to get used to it. But for me it didn't  take long. He's looking into doing some work overseas for a year or so. But we'll see. Breezy would miss him.
  We have a new kitty. Snuffy. Well she is actually Lindsays kitty but I get to keep her. She is a hoot. She's black and white and has white whiskers and for this house that's quite a change. She fits right in and gives as good as she gets. The girls have gotten used to her and she and Fogg are fast friends, Poor Dorr has been so traumatized by Lindsays dogs ( who are very well behaved) that we only see her at night after every one has gone to bed. Lindsay is moving to her camper today so Dorr will have the house back.

whats on the needles: catnip kitty toys for a Ravelry swap

St. Patty's Day

  What a grand day. It's really nice to have things starting to get back to normal. Dick and Marilyn came for dinner. It's tradition. Either we go to them or they come to us. I did cornbeef and all the fixings. This year I tried a new way of fixing soda bread and I think I like my old recipe. Next time I won't add wheat flour. Oh well live and learn, so much for trying to be more healthy.
  Lindsay's still in New Mexico with her mom. She has good days and bad. As does Lindsay. It has to be incredibly hard to watch some one you love pass away before you. They say it's not going to be very long.  
  Bob's on the retirement count down. Only 3 more months. Then what am I going to do? After all of these years with him working nights I'm going to have to change. No more cleaning the bath rooms at 10pm. Oh well it will be nice to finely have the bed made during the day. 
  I'm going to Kathy's (K2) to work on the mosaic tomorrow. We're plugging right along. I'm working on the portrait of Guy. It's turning out really good. I'll post photos
 I'm making all kinds of mistakes so I'd best go to bed. More later.